Friday, March 6, 2009

A seminar on Makefiles!

This blog, my tumblelog, and my Twitter stream are littered with examples of my use of Makefiles. So I was very happy to find this blog post about a whole seminar on Makefiles on FriendFeed. Go and check it out, I learned something new!


dalloliogm said...

Hi!! :-)
Thank you, I am glad you liked the idea of a seminar on makefiles.

To be honest I am not so expert with make, I have been using it only for a few months now.

Since the people who attended the seminar were not professional programmers (==bioinformaticians), I started the talk by showing only the simplest make usage, e.g. writing simple rules with .phony targets and the commands list, without worrying about prerequisites.

What do you think about this? Have I simplified it too much?
The fact is that I sold make as just a way to store shell commands and re-execute them, I didn't explain too much the part on dependency tree :-).

Michael Kuhn said...

Well, on slide 31 you talk about prerequisites, which are of course necessary to make a pipeline out of the Makefile. So unless you skipped the last part of your talk, I don't think you simplified too much.

I find the built-in variables like $@ or $^ to be very useful, but I also could probably learn more about the other ones.